MDRC Logo MDRC with liberty and justice for allAll MDRC trainings:

  • Are accessible to learners with and without disabilities
  • Includes activities, discussion, and lecture

These trainings are available due to the funding of the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council. Please contact Nancy Miller if you would like more information or to schedule a training: nancy(at)

Training Menu

Disability History, Culture, and Pride

MDRC Staff and Leadership Development Opportunities Fellows (people with developmental disabilities building their leadership skills), provide 1 ½ hour trainings at your location.

Topics covered:

  • Terminology and language
  • Disability identity
  • Disability history
  • Building blocks of disability pride, and power
  • The cycle of disability pride
  • Ableism and internalized ableism
  • Ally work
  • Inclusion

Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution

Learn various ways groups can make decisions and how to include all voices in those decisions. Also learn how to move through conflict when it comes up during a meeting.

Community Inclusion

Learn what roles leaders with disabilities and allies can play in building an inclusive community.  Explore the history of our disability movement and apply lessons learned to our leadership styles.

Leadership Qualities

Learn the 4 key qualities of effective leaders and how you can build these in yourself and your group.

Leadership Styles

Learn about 4 types of leadership styles and how to best work with people of each style.

Leadership Strengths

Use an online quiz before coming to this interactive session to learn about your key leadership strengths and plan ways to use them in your community involvement. Also learn about the benefits of other strengths and the combination of strengths needed for effective group work.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Learn to take care of yourself as you lead. Learn about the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion and some basic practice techniques to help you in your personal life and your life as a leader.

Running an Effective Meeting

Learn about setting agendas, insuring that everyone is heard, providing space for fair discussion, and using proper voting procedures including Roberts Rules of Order.

Talking with Elected Officials/Policy Advocacy

Learn ways to communicate to elected officials and how to tell your story for policy advocacy.  Also learn how a bill becomes a law.

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