Ed Robert’s Vision

By Paul Miller, Inclusion Specialist

Ed Roberts is a hero to many of us. In the video, His Words His Vision, he talks about what it takes to be a leader in the disability community. Ed Roberts starts out by saying his core philosophy is everyone has a future. I am just touching on this video where Ed Roberts explains  his vision on independent living and like any good leader Ed Roberts had a vision.


So we can advocate for ourselves. It is always good to be a strong self-advocate. In his speech he tells us to be experts in the things we need, such as Medicaid. You can do this by educating yourself on what you need. Healthcare was one example in Ed Roberts’ talk.


He went on to say we can think of ourselves as a voting bloc. People with disabilities registering to vote is very exciting and this is a great first step, but Ed Roberts explains that the disability community being its own voting bloc can have an even bigger impact. This can happen when we discuss the issues with each other.


Watching the video “Ed Roberts  his words his vision” you may recognize that much of his vision like interdependence are concepts we hold as part of the mainstream disability culture today.

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