LDO Fellows Application 2019-2020

Leadership Development Opportunities Fellowship Information

Application Due September 9, 2019


You are invited to apply to become a Leadership Development Opportunity Fellow (LDO Fellow).

Funded by the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council, the purpose of the Leadership Development Opportunities Fellowship Program is to build the leadership skills and abilities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Michigan.

Each year, 10-12 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities will be selected to be Fellows. These fellows will participate in a year-long series of retreats and learning opportunities to build their skills and abilities in leadership.


MDRC especially encourages, women, people of color, and other traditionally underrepresented people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to apply.


LDO Fellows will participate in learning retreats and co-lead trainings with MDRC staff. These trainings will be held across the state for people with developmental disabilities, and community members. The trainings cover disability pride and inclusion.


LDO Fellows will be paid a stipend of $100 for every training they co-lead.


Participation in the LDO Fellows program requires a significant time commitment. Annually, fellows commit to attending and participating in two in-person retreats held at the Kettunen Center in Tustin, Michigan (near Cadillac). Both of these retreats are mandatory events. The fall retreat is in November 4-7, 2019. The spring retreat is May 26-28, 2020. MDRC will provide up to $400 to cover travel costs to the retreats on a reimbursement basis, lodging, food, and accommodation needs at the retreat.  Fellows may also apply for funds available to continue to build their leadership skills during their service year.


Fellows also commit to attending monthly teleconferences and completing monthly learning assignments as well as joining in online learning and sharing opportunities.


MDRC will assist LDO Fellows who do not have computer and internet access to gain both. LDO Fellows will be supported to choose the area in which they wish to further develop their own leadership skills and join a group or board to practice their leadership.


November Training Topics:

Disability identity, history, culture, and pride;

Intersectionality of identities including race, gender/gender identity, disability status, LGBTQIA identity, and economic status.

Personal leadership skills and strengths: growth mindset, mindfulness,

Leadership compass

Personal goals and passions

Finding people who are great at what you want to be great at


May Training Topics:

Community Involvement

Opportunities for involvement outside of traditional organizing

Real Inclusion

Saying no

Serving on boards and commissions

Resume building


Opportunities to practice, learn and grow will be required between and after each retreat.


Fellows will commit to participating in the program for the entire year.



Applicants must have a criminal background check. Please do not let this stop you from applying! Having a record does not mean you cannot be an LDO Fellow. The LDO team does not see the results of the check, it goes through the assistant director.


Statement on Social Justice:

Background checks may produce reports of felony and misdemeanor convictions of applicants, volunteers or employees. Some of those convictions may be those MDRC considers to be social justice issues. Other convictions may be for things that happened a long time ago, or are not a threat to our employees, youth or vulnerable adults. MDRC supports employees engaged in social justice issues and will give careful consideration to both the type and relevance of the actions that led to any arrests or convictions.

MDRC acknowledges the existence of ableism, racism, homophobia and other discrimination and these issues shall be examined in reviewing individual reports. When MDRC receives information about an employee or candidate raising concerns, experts may be called in when necessary—including the MDRC’s attorney and/or social justice advocates with special knowledge, sensitivity and experience with similar issues.

MDRC also acknowledges: while the background investigations may reduce the liability to people we serve or interact with, especially the children, youth and vulnerable adults and our employees but we are not necessarily safer because of the background investigations. Technology and state-to-state tracking of convictions are not totally reliable.

MDRC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice.


Application Assistance:

If you need assistance completing this application, or have questions, please contact Nancy Miller or Aimee Sterk at Michigan Disability Rights Coalition.

Nancy Miller nancy@mymdrc.org 989-741-0121 or

Aimee Sterk aimee@mymdrc.org 616-821-2517.


Leadership Development

Opportunities Fellowship Application


***Due September 9, 2019 *** email to: nancy@mymdrc.org 

or fax to: 517-333-2677

or mail to:

MDRC LDO Fellows Program

3498 East Lake Lansing Road, Suite 100, 

East Lansing, MI 48823



Applicant Name:



Zip Code:






Ethnicity (optional):

Gender/Gender Identity/Gender Expression (optional):


Email address:


Emergency contact name:


Phone Number:



Application Questions

  1. The LDO Fellows Program is funded by the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council and is for people living in Michigan who identify as having an intellectual/developmental disability. Are you a Michigan resident with an intellectual/developmental disability?



  1. What accommodations do you need to help you actively and fully participate in the LDO Fellowship program? (Such as wheelchair access or large print)?






  1. Please tell us about yourself—We recognize that many people with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities, are not seen as potential leaders. There is research suggesting that schools do not recognize leadership potential and do not suggest leadership development programs for youth with disabilities. This often leads to fewer leadership development opportunities for adults with disabilities as well. So, don’t feel bad if you don’t have leadership experience to list here. We want to know about what you are passionate about. What activities you enjoy, and how you spend your time.

Feel free to list anything you would like us to know here:







  1. What organizations are you a member of, do you work or volunteer for?







  1. What experience do you have serving/acting in leadership positions?







  1. What unique identities do you bring to the LDO Fellowship experience? This might include interests and passions, LGBTQIA identity, racial/ethnic/religious identities, or other unique things about you.







  1. What are your interests and passions?







  1. Why do you want to participate in the Leadership Development Opportunities (LDO) Fellowship?







  1. How did you learn about the Leadership Development Opportunities (LDO) Fellowship Program?







  1. What type of leadership skills do you want to learn, gain, or strengthen?









  1. The LDO Fellows Program requires a one-year commitment from October of 2019 through September of 2020 with two in-person trainings. In addition, LDO Fellows will participate in online learning and sharing opportunities. LDO Fellows will check in online at least twice a month and complete additional learning goals they set themselves.

Do you have the time to commit to this one-year LDO Fellowship Program?

Leadership Development Opportunities

Agreement Form


Application Due:  September 9, 2019 

email to nancy@mymdrc.org or fax to 517-333-2677 or mail to

3498 East Lake Lansing Road, Suite 100, 

East Lansing, MI 48823


This must accompany the application.

This agreement is between the Fellow (the participant) in the LDO program and Michigan Disability Rights Coalition.


  • Under this agreement, the Fellow agrees to:
    1. Participate in program related activities/training sessions including 2 in-person retreats, participating in monthly teleconferences, online discussions at least twice a month for the duration of the 1-year program, and completing at least 5 outside assignments.
    2. Give permission and consent to allow photographs and videos of them to be taken during leadership training activities, to be used by Michigan Disability Rights Coalition and the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council to document and promote the Fellows in the leadership program.
    3. Never charge incidentals (mini-fridge, snacks, phone calls, or other upcharge items) for any hotel rooms provided by MDRC for the LDO Fellow.


  • In consideration of the above, the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition agrees to:
    1. Provide training, resources, online learning and sharing opportunities, and follow up over the course of one year to assist the Fellow to develop leadership skills.
    2. Train and support the Fellow to co-lead disability history, culture, and pride trainings to groups in their region.
    3. Provide an honorarium to the Fellow of $100 per co-led training session in their region.
    4. Reimburse approved travel costs to and from retreats up to $400 total.
    5. Reimburse approved travel costs for co-leading trainings
    6. Process all reimbursement payments within 20 days of receipt.


  • The Fellows in the program will:
    1. Learn about and then co-lead at least one leadership training in their region.
    2. Evaluate the Fellows program, provide feedback and input as the program continues and develops.
    3. Participate in monthly teleconferences
    4. Attend two retreats


This agreement will be effective October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020


Fellows signature: _______________________________________





MDRC staff signature:_______________________________________




***You may type in your name and the date and this will be considered signing.

Permission to Perform Background Check


I, __________________________________ HEREBY AUTHORIZE Michigan Disability Rights Coalition to perform a check of background including:

_____Personal references

_____ICHAT State of Michigan Police background check (This information will include but not be

limited to allegations and convictions for crimes committed upon minors)

_____Any other police and/or agency records to the extent permitted by state and federal law

_____Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR)


I understand that I do not have to agree to this background check, but that refusal to do so may exclude me from certain job role considerations, programs and volunteer opportunities. I execute this release with the full knowledge and understanding that this information obtained about me will be confidential and is for official use of Michigan Disability Rights Coalition.

I further hereby hold harmless Michigan Disability Rights Coalition and/or its representatives from any actions which may be taken upon receipt of this information.


Print Name _________________________________________

Date ___________________________


Signature ______________________________________________



(Please Print)

Last Name ______________________________________________


First Name __________________________________   Middle Name __________________________


Maiden Name/Alias ______________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________________________


City/State ZIP ______________________________________________

Date of Birth ______________________________________________


Driver’s License Number # ________________________________________ or


Michigan ID # ______________________________________________




Race ______________________________________________


Gender (as listed on ID) ______________________________________________

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