Disability Pride

By Paul Miller, Community Inclusion Specialist

I am happy to see disability as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity. You may ask what this statement means.

First of all I am not just talking about my disability but all disabilities are beautiful. In the 70’s it would have been a sight to see members of the Rolling Quads move through the Berkeley campus, being visible and working for curb cuts. This history and things like it came through pride.

Looking beyond my disability and seeing all disabilities as natural and beautiful helps me open up to the idea of a disability community. This is a community of activists and non-activists. People with visible and invisible disabilities. With the full spectrum of disabilities, there are lots of opportunities to be active. The activities of the Rolling Quads came from being part of an active community. I am part of this community when I take part in adaptive sports.

two men playing basketball using sports wheelchairs

The group I am involved in meets at MSU as a community of people with disabilities who use sport and exercise as a common way for self-improvement. Everyone involved has a disability. Being part of this leads me to the opportunity to do many other things with members of the community. I hope you can see that one can see disability as natural and beautiful of human diversity which gives you an appreciation of history, the appreciation gets you involved in community where you get a stronger understanding of pride.

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